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Customizing the Task Inbox Search Options
You can customize your search preferences with the Options tab on the Search panel in both My Inbox and the task type inboxes.
*To customize the task inbox search options
1. In My Inbox or in a task type inbox, click the Options tab.
2. Do any or all of the following:
*Specify which search tab appears by default (Basic, Saved, or Saved with Details).
*Specify the default saved search.
*Specify if the default saved search is to be run automatically when the inbox is opened.
The following additional options are available on task type inboxes only:
*Enter a value in the Max Results field to limit the number of tasks returned as search results, or:
*Click the No Maximum check box to return all search results, subject to the following conditions:
*When selected, the maximum is subject to the task.max.results option (default = 1000 tasks); for more information, see Limit the Number of Tasks Returned to a Results List.
*If the task type associated with the task type inbox is configured with an indexed search provider, clearing or selecting the No Maximum check box has no effect; all search results are always returned, and the value defined in the task.max.results option is ignored.
*Use care when selecting this option. For task type inboxes containing a large amount of tasks, response times may be slowed appreciably.
3. Click Save.