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Configuring a Custom Data Source
By default, Task Engine stores the precalculated event triggering times in the My webMethods Server database. From the Task Event Orchestrator page, you can configure Task Engine to use Terracotta for storing the precalculated values.
Before you can store precalculated event values to Terracotta, you must configure a Terracotta server. For more information on using Terracotta with webMethods products, see Using BigMemory with webMethods Products.
*To configure Terracotta as the data source for precalculated date/time events
1. In My webMethods, navigate to Administration > Business > Tasks > Task Event Orchestrator Configuration.
2. From the Select Data Source drop-down list, select Terracotta.
3. Under Additional Properties, configure the following:
*Terracotta Server Host - the host name of the Terracotta server.
*Terracotta Server Port - the connection port of the Terracotta server.
4. Click Save.
5. Restart the My webMethods Server instance.