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About the Task Comments View
The Comments tab provides the ability for you to view, add, and manage comments within a particular task. Two conditions apply for the display of this tab:
*The task must be enabled for commenting; for more information, see Disabling and Enabling Comments and Attachments.
*You must have the proper permissions to view, add, and manage comments. For more information, see About Task Type Functional Permissions.
For more information about working with comments, see Working with Comments and Attachments in the Comments Tab. The Comments tab provides the following controls:
*Add Comment—Opens the New Comment panel.
*Refresh—Updates the contents of the Comments tab.
*Return—Returns the user to the previous page.
In addition, the Comments tab includes a table that contains the following:
*Comments entered by task users, including the user name, comment text, a time and date stamp.
*Attachments added by task users. Each attachment is represented by a link to the file.
An Update link opens the Edit Comment panel.
A Delete link removes the associated comment and attachment (if present). No confirmation prompt is provided.