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About Task Type Inboxes
A separate task type inbox is available for each type of task assigned to you, if the task type developer has created one and you have been assigned access privileges to it. These appear on the Tasks page as individual tabs for each type of task—for example, if you are assigned a task of the task type "Order Approval," an Order Approval task type inbox is available.
These task type inboxes display only those tasks started from that particular task type. These inboxes can be customized by the task type developer as required, and so may differ from task type to task type as to the layout and components that are available.
A task type inbox tab consists of two panels:
*Search For panel—use this panel to search for tasks by specific parameters; the results are displayed in the Tasks List panel. By default, it is set to search for all instances of that tab's specific task type assigned to you. For more information, see Searching in a Task Type Inbox.
*The Tasks Results panel—use this panel to view the results of the most recent search, as defined by the settings in the Search For panel. You can apply the following actions to selected tasks:
*Remove Delegation
For more information on these actions, see Delegating Tasks.
The Task Results panel also allows you to perform the following task-related actions:
*Subscribe to task notifications. For more information on these actions, see Working with Notifications.
*Define and manage scheduled delegations. For more information, see Scheduling Task Delegation.
*Export the contents of the Inbox in table format as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. For more information, see Exporting the Contents of a Task Inbox or Task List.
The operation of the Search For panel and Task Results panel conform to the general My webMethods search framework; for detailed information about searching in My webMethods, see Working with My webMethods.
For more information about task type inboxes, and task inboxes in general, see About Task Inboxes.