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About Task E-mail Notifications
Replying to a Notification without a My webMethods Connection
Permissions Required to Work with Task Notifications
At design time, the task type developer can create a notification event within a task that publishes a notification e-mail when the conditions defining the event are matched. You can subscribe to these notifications for the tasks that are assigned to you (assuming the task type contains notifications).
To receive an e-mail notification, you must satisfy both of the following requirements:
*You must be directly assigned to the task, or be a member of a group or role that is directly assigned to a task. When a task is delegated to another user, the delegation is equivalent to assignment for the purpose of task notification.
*You must be subscribed to the task notification. You can be granted permission to self-subscribe to a task type notification, or a task administrator can subscribe you.
It is possible for the task developer to override the “assigned to” requirement for individual task types. In this case, all subscribed users receive the notification, not just those who are assigned to the task. For more information, see webMethods BPM Task Development Help.
A special condition applies to My webMethods administrators, or any user who is assigned the Task Administration permission. Any user who has the Task Administration permission and is subscribed to a task notification will always receive task notifications from the task, whether the user is assigned to the task or not.
By default, the e-mail notification contains a link to the associated task instance. When you click on this link, you are taken to the My webMethods log-in page, and from there to the task instance. To do so, you must have a network connection to the My webMethods Server instance that originated the message.
Some e-mail service providers may configure their server to remove, alter, or otherwise disable the URL contained in the “Click here to open task” link to comply with security requirements. In this case, you will not be able to open the task.
Basic examples of notification messages include:
*You have been assigned a new task.
*A task has been delegated to you.
*A task has been cancelled.
In addition, notifications can be published based on business data associated with a task. For example, notifications can be generated for orders over a particular amount, or orders submitted by a specific customer. With proper permissions, you can subscribe to notifications for yourself, and you can subscribe other users. Notifications are sent to the e-mail address specified in the subscribed user's My Profile page in My webMethods.
If a task type does not contain any notifications and you would like to have notifications made available, ask the task type developer to add a notification to a task type in Software AG Designer and then publish the modified task type to My webMethods Server.
For more information about working with task notifications and task notification e‑mail replies, see Working with Notifications.