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Replying to a Notification without a My webMethods Connection
The task type developer can enable a My webMethods user to remotely execute a pre-defined action on the task that issued the notification by configuring the e-mail notification to contain a Task Action Link. This link enables you to respond to the task without having a connection to My webMethods Server. These task notification reply e-mail actions are logged and displayed on the task's Audit tab.
For example, suppose a business process contains a task that determines if an order is approved or denied, based on a simple maximum order amount. The task type developer can create a task notification that is triggered by an automated denial of the order (for example, the order amount exceeds the limit authorized for the customer). The developer can also craft the logic of the task type so that upon denial, the task is assigned to the appropriate account manager.
Upon denial, the task notification is e-mailed to the account manager for that customer, who is now assigned to the task and who is already subscribed to the notification. The task type developer includes basic task business data in the task notification (for example, the order amount and reason for denial) and includes a Task Action Link in the notification e-mail.
In this case, the developer crafts the link so that it triggers a service that overrides the denial and approves the order. The link appears in the account manager's e-mail as “Override this denial and approve the order.” The task type developer can add additional links for other responses.
When the account manager receives the e-mail and decides to override the denial, he clicks the “Override this denial and approve the order” link. A reply e-mail is automatically created and sent (by way of the account manager's e-mail client) to an e‑mail account specified in the link.
A Task Engine e-mail listener monitoring this account downloads the account manager's reply, deletes the e-mail from the monitored account, and executes the action included by the task developer (in this case, execute the service that overrides the denial and approves the order).
This is a one-time occurrence; if the subscriber clicks the link again, the resulting e-mail will be downloaded by the e-mail listener, but will be ignored. Security measures are in place to prevent e-mail spoofing and the substitution of non-defined actions.
Task notifications are sent to the e-mail address recorded in the user’s My webMethods Server profile. Some e-mail service providers may configure their server to remove, alter, or otherwise disable the URL contained in the “Click here to open task” link to comply with security requirements. In this case the link may be missing or inoperative in the delivered e-mail message.