Adding Support for Further MIME Types

Software AG supplies plugins that support a wide range of MIME types. However, you may need to process files that are not supported by these standard plugins. In that case, you can write your own plugin, using the information supplied in this section.

Developers who want to write their own plugins for the Tamino Non-XML Indexer should know how the software works, as described in the document Architectural Overview.

The main task consists of implementing the interfaces; these are fully described in the Javadoc documents that can be found in the directory TaminoXNEDir/javadoc. The necessary code to analyse the non-XML data and create XML data and metadata should be written as a Java program (JAR file); the class file or files must be added to TaminoXNEDir/lib.

If the plugin processes text data, it should be a subclass of com.softwareag.tamino.nixe.plugin.AbstractTextIndexPlugin.

If the plugin processes so-called binary data, it should be a subclass of com.softwareag.tamino.nixe.plugin.AbstractBinaryIndexPlugin.

In addition, you must make one or more additional entries in the mapping table that associates MIME types with plugins. This table is stored as the file .../Tamino/Tamino Server Extensions/Java/com/softwareag/tamino/nixe/ Simply add one line for each new MIME type that can be mapped. Use the existing data in the file as a basis when making your own modifications.