Tamino X-Plorer

The Tamino X-Plorer documentation is intended for designers, builders and developers of XML database applications who need to explore and manipulate the contents of a Tamino XML Server.

This documentation covers the following topics:

Installation and Getting Started
Introducing the Tamino X-Plorer
Installing the Tamino X-Plorer
First Steps with the Tamino X-Plorer
Using the Tamino X-Plorer
Starting and Leaving the Tamino X-Plorer
Elements of the Main Application Window
Servers and Databases
Browsing Through a Tamino Database
General Commands for Managing Different Types of Objects
Working with Schemas
Working with Instances
Setting the Tamino X-Plorer and X-Query Options
Instances in WebDAV Enabled Collection
Performing X-Queries with the Tamino X-Plorer
Invoking and Closing X-Query Windows
Elements of an X-Query Window
Working with X-Queries
Managing X-Query Results
Using the Tamino XQuery Tool
Starting and Leaving the Tamino XQuery Tool
Elements of the Tamino XQuery Window
Working with the Tamino XQuery Tool
Managing XQuery Results
Setting the Tamino XQuery Tool Options
Menu Commands in the Main Application Window
Menu Commands in an X-Query Window
Menu Commands in a Tamino XQuery Window
Predefined External Tools
Supported Character Encodings