Tamino XML Schema Reference Guide

The purpose of this document is to describe the elements of the Tamino Schema Definition language as implemented in the current version of Tamino. A user guide is also available: Tamino XML Schema Language (TSD) User Guide.

This document is intended for database administrators familiar with methods of data modeling and data management tasks (for example, indexing, normalization). Their task will be to create schemas and define them to the Tamino Data Map.

Application programmers intending to write programs that address Tamino schemas should also be familiar with the principles of schema definition.

This document contains reference documentation that describes the TSD elements that are similar to XML Schema's elements and also TSD's extensions to the XML Schema 1.0 standard of the W3C. An overview is given at:

TSD Logical: Definitions (xs namespace)
Tamino Extensions to XML Schema: List of Elements and Attributes (tsd namespace, containing mainly TSD Physical)
Features of the W3C XML Schema that are Not Supported by Tamino