Performance Guide

Performance as discussed in this document refers to the speed with which Tamino can index, store, and retrieve data. It is influenced by many different factors, such as your overall working environment, including hardware configuration and web access, the way your Tamino database is set up and tuned, and how your data is mapped and indexed. Also, your schema definition plays a decisive role. This guide provides information about how you can optimize Tamino performance with regard to the factors mentioned above. The following aspects are covered:

Use of Database Parameters Lists parameters and shows how to configure them to increase overall performance.
Data Modeling Describes how to design an efficient data model.
Tuning Schemas and Queries Shows principles for efficient schemas and queries.
Advanced Indexes Describes additional possibilities for indexing data.
Efficient Queries: XQuery Describes how to design efficient queries with XQuery.
Efficient Queries: X-Query Describes how to design efficient queries and very fast queries with X-Query
Query Processing Analysis Shows how to retrieve information about the execution plan of a query.
Suppressed Lookup of Index Entries Shows how to create load lists for quicker indexing.
Hardware Configuration Gives advice about an efficient hard- and software configuration for Tamino.
Performance Tuning - A Case Study Describes a practical example for performance tuning.