Migration Guide

Tamino XML Server 10.11 is the successor to Tamino XML Server 10.7. This document describes migration issues that you should be aware of when upgrading to version 10.11 from version 10.x, 9.x, 8.x or 4.4.

If you wish to upgrade to Tamino 10.11 from a Tamino version earlier than 4.4, you must first upgrade to 4.4. If necessary, contact your software supplier or refer to the documentation set for Tamino 4.4, which is available at Software AG's web-based Product Support System, Empower (https://empower.softwareag.com/).

The intended audience for this document is system administrators, database administrators and application developers.

This document covers the following migration aspects:

General Discusses migration of schemas and data, and also changes in the functionality of Tamino.
Upgrading and Downgrading Using SET VERSION Deals with all aspects of version management, especially with upgrading, downgrading and coexistence.
Migrating Applications Deals with migrating applications.