Tamino Forms Handler

The Tamino forms handler is a simple mechanism for providing direct communication between an HTML form and the Tamino server without the need for writing any application code and without requiring translation from HTML code to Tamino X-Machine commands via functionality such as servlets or CGI code. It is typically used for creating and testing prototype applications, or for developing simple applications that require little programming logic.

Two basic kinds of communication with Tamino are possible with the forms handler:

  • Create an XML document and assign values to its elements, using values supplied by the user in the fields of an HTML form.

  • Send a query to the Tamino server.

The forms handler allows XSL stylesheets to be applied to the response documents. This combination of features allows simple browser-based applications to be constructed without the need for application programming.

The forms handler cannot create Tamino databases, collections or doctypes, so you must create these by other means (using, for example, the Tamino Manager or the Tamino Interactive Interface) before you use the forms handler.

Currently, the forms handler functionality is only available for the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This document is intended for application developers.

This document consists of the following sections:

Creating an XML Document
Sending Queries to Tamino
Using XSL Processing Instructions