Getting Started

This document is intended for users who want to get started with Tamino. It takes you step by step through some typical basic operations of Tamino, so that you will feel comfortable with the product as quickly as possible. Where relevant, it points you to further documents in the Tamino documentation set where you can get more detailed information on a particular topic.

The following topics are covered:

Introduction An overview of the main features of Tamino.
Basic Concepts Definitions of the main concepts of Tamino.
Starting Tamino How to start Tamino
Creating a Database Description of how to create a Tamino database.
Starting and Stopping the Database Information about two basic tasks with databases: How to start and how to stop them.
Working with DTDs and Schemas Information about creating a Tamino schema from an existing DTD.
Defining a Schema Description about how to define a schema to a database.
Loading XML Objects into the Database Information about loading example XML objects into a newly created database.
Loading non-XML Objects into the Database Description of how to load example non-XML objects into a newly created database.
Retrieving Objects from the Database Using XQuery Using XQuery to retrieve and manipulate information from an example database.
Backup and Restore Basic concepts of backup and restore operations for a database.
Where to go from here Where to find further, in-depth information about Tamino.