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This converter is for user text input fields when a user types a My webMethods Server thingID or alias. When the form is posted, the string the user supplies is automatically converted into the equivalent My webMethods Server IURI object.

The WmPortal IURI converter is not portable to third-party portals. You can use it only in portlets published to instances of My webMethods Server.

An IURI is the interface representing an object that references a particular My webMethods Server resource. You can look up all objects in the system using an IURI. For more information on IURIs, see the JavaDoc in the My webMethods Server installation at:



Converter implementation for WmPortal PrincipalAttributeValueSource object.


A control used that specifies a portlet parameter for an Extended Portlet URL control.



You can use com.webmethods.caf.faces.portleturl.ExtendedPortletUrl children to set parameter values to a different portlet URL. You can do this when the parameter to the target portlet contains the value of the URL for the calling portlet that is returned when it has completed some action.


Extended JSR168 Portlet URL. This is non-visual component and should be used with Portlet URL Link or Script blocks.

Use the Extended Portlet URL control to link to and execute actions. For example, the link within the portlet could execute a method to update the current local weather conditions or get the current inventory for a specific production line item, and report the results back to the portlet. You can use the Extended Portlet URL in the Portlet URL Script control or the Portlet Simple Link control.

Use the Extended Portlet Parameter,com.webmethods.caf.faces.portleturl.ExtendedPortletUrlParameter, child control to pass portlet parameters.

You can use more than one Extended Portlet URL control on a page to enable different actions. For example, your Portlet Simple Link control with the extended portlet link could check your company's current stock price and display the results in the portlet on the page. Another Extended Portlet URL control could reside in a Portlet URL Script and execute a different action such as get a report of new sales orders.



Use the Extended Portlet Parameter, com.webmethods.caf.faces.portleturl.ExtendedPortletUrlParameter, to specify parameters for this portlet URL.

Use com.webmethods.caf.faces.portleturl.ExtendedPortletUrl to add other portlet URLs when referencing multiple portlets.

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