CAF Portlet Html - cafp_h

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ID (tag prefix)cafp_h
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Defines a link to other pages and portlets. This control extends the standard Link control by adding a facet for the Portlet URL or Extended Portlet URL controls used as the link URL.



Children are displayed as link label (after the value of the label attribute). javax.faces.Parameter children are added as request parameters to the link. com.webmethods.caf.faces.portleturl.PortletUrlScript children may be used to hook into client-side javascript events (onClick).

Extended CAF Facets

Use PortletUrl to place Portlet URL or Extended Portlet URL components which will be used for the link URL.


A control that navigates to a portlet URL in response to a parent control's (or the specified for control's) client-side event.

You can place the Portlet URL Script control inside other input controls such as links or buttons. The Portlet URL Script control is invoked as a response to a corresponding action. You can also use it to define a parameter for a Custom Script control, com.webmethods.caf.faces.scripts.CustomScript.

Set the context property to one of the following to define the behavior:

  • link navigates to the target portlet URL as an HTML link.
  • form navigates to the target portlet URL as a form submit. Note that the portlet URL must be an "action" type URL instead of the default "render" type.
  • href returns the value of the portlet URL that is used from other script components.


Use the Parameter control or Portlet Url Script Parameter control, com.webmethods.caf.faces.script.PortletUrlScriptParameter, children to specify parameters to set on the portlet URL.


A control for defining a portlet parameter for the Portlet URL Script control.

The Portlet Url Script Parameter control extends the Parameter control by adding a portlet property that you can use to specify the portlet to which the parameter should be applied when there are multiple portlet URLs. The parameter defines a client-side value for the Portlet URL Script control. Depending on the setting of the valueType propery, the value is specified directly, is taken from the client control, or is returned back from another JavaScript function.


Renders the components for the specified "target" (usually head or body) group.

Because a portlet is typically only rendering a fragment of the page, it should not be responsible for rendering the framing tags for the page.

Use this component in a portlet to provide compatibility for the functionality that would normally be provided by the h:head and h:body tags.

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