RPC Environment Monitor

The RPC Environment Monitor is part of the Software AG Designer. It is an Eclipse view that provides a quick overview of the availability of the defined RPC environments in your workspace.

Start of instruction setTo open the RPC Environment Monitor from the EntireX perspective

  • Choose Window > Show View > RPC Environment Monitor.

Start of instruction setTo open the RPC Environment Monitor from a non-EntireX perspective

  • Choose Window > Show View > Other > Software AG > RPC Environment Monitor.

The RPC environments are managed on the Preferences page. See RPC Environment Manager for Natural RPC Server.


The status check starts when the view is opened. To force an additional check, choose Refresh from the Views toolbar. The status check can be cancelled in the dialog that appears or within the Eclipse progress view. When the check is complete or if it cancelled, the following symbols indicate the status of the corresponding item. The table will be reloaded every time a status check is started to make sure all stored RPC environments are available.

Symbol Status




Not running.


Unknown (at the beginning of the check or if the check was cancelled).

Additional status information (including error messages) is displayed when refreshing the view (by a ping command to all specified RPC servers).