RPC Environment Manager for Natural RPC Server

The RPC environment for a Natural RPC Server is managed on the Preferences page.

Use the RPC Environment Monitor to check the availability of each RPC environment.

Using this wizard, you can add new RPC environments for a Natural RPC Server. To manage these RPC environments, open the Preferences page.


If NaturalONE is installed, a predefined RPC environment is provided for the default Natural server. This RPC environment cannot be removed. The server address of the Natural server is managed by NaturalONE, but other settings can be changed.

Start of instruction setTo edit an existing RPC environment

  • Select the table row and press Edit.... If multiple entries are selected, the first entry is used.

Start of instruction setTo remove an RPC environment

  • Slect the table row and press Remove. You can select multiple environments.

Start of instruction setTo create a new RPC environment

  1. Choose Insert... to call the following screen:


  2. Enter the required fields: Broker ID, Server Address and a unique Environment Name, which will have the default format brokerID@serverAddress. The given Timeout value must be in the range from 1 to 9999 seconds (default: 60).

    EntireX Authentication describes the settings for the broker, and RPC Server Authentication describes the settings for the RPC server.

    The Wrapper Settings are used for Natural Wrapper. You can specify the operation type "Save in workspace project" (save locally) or "Save in Natural FUSEr via RPC" (save remotely). If you save remotely you can specify the target library name.