EntireX and your C Applications

The EntireX documentation contains the following C-related topics:

C Wrapper

EntireX C Wrapper provides access to RPC-based components from C applications. It enables you to develop both client and server applications. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

RPC Server for C

The EntireX RPC Server for C allows standard RPC clients to communicate with servers written in C. It works together with the C Wrapper and calls standard libraries (Windows DLLs or UNIX shared objects/libraries). graphics/toc_closed.png More info

Broker ACI for C

EntireX Broker ACI Programming from the perspective of programming language C. A header file with the ACI control block definition is provided. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

RPC-ACI Bridge

The EntireX RPC-ACI Bridge allows standard RPC clients to communicate with an ACI server. The RPC-ACI Bridge transforms RPC requests from clients into ACI messages. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

See also Designer.