Writing RPC Clients for the RPC-ACI Bridge with the C Wrapper

The EntireX RPC-ACI Bridge allows standard RPC clients to communicate with an ACI server. The RPC-ACI Bridge transforms RPC requests from clients into ACI messages.

Start of instruction setTo write a C client

The RPC-ACI Bridge reports errors from the RPC server side and the ACI side to the RPC clients. Errors from the ACI side include errors by the Broker for ACI.

The RPC-ACI Bridge reports the same error classes and error codes for the RPC server side as the RPC Server for Java. The RPC-ACI Bridge reports errors of the ACI side in a client-specific way as error 10010007 (internal error of the RPC protocol). The detailed message of the error has the form RPCACIBridge: < text >, where text indicates the cause of the error. See Message Class 1018 - EntireX RPC-ACI Bridge for additional information.