Digital Event Services 10.7 | Administering Digital Event Services | Using DES Command Line Tools
Using DES Command Line Tools
Digital Event Services (DES) provides several command line (CLI) tools that you use along with the user interfaces in Command Central and Software AG Designer to administer DES. You can find the following command line tools in the Software AG_directory /common/ lib directory:
*events-console.jar - Use this tool to monitor the publishing of digital events.
*events-generator.jar - Use this tool to generate streams of digital events.
*events-configuration-tool.jar - Use this tool to configure message connectivity.
*events-passman-tool.jar - Use this tool to change the DES master password.
To access the usage information and run any of the available CLI tools for administering DES, open a command prompt and type java -jar followed by Software_AG_directory\common\lib\ and the file name of the tool, for example:
java -jar Software_AG_directory\common\lib\events-console.jar
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