Digital Event Services 10.7 | Administering Digital Event Services | Secure Password Handling | Changing the Master Password
Changing the Master Password
Digital Event Services (DES) provides you with a command line tool for changing the master password. The command line tool is installed in Software AG_directory /common/lib/events-passman-tool.jar.
You can find usage information for the command line utility by opening a command line prompt in Software AG_directory /common/lib and by executing the following command:
java -jar events-passman-tool.jar
*To change the master password:
1. Open command line prompt in the Software AG_directory /common/lib.
2. Specify a new master password by typing the following command:
java -jar events-passman-tool.jar change-mpw old_mpw new_mpw passman_config_location
*old_mpw is the old master password that is needed for authentication.
*new_mpw is the new master password.
*passman_config_location is the storage location of the master password: Software AG_directory /common/DigitalEventServices/security/passman.
If the passwords and/or the configuration location contain characters that affect the parameter resolution of the command shell, you need to apply appropriate escaping.
The command line tool changes the master password of the given configuration to the value you specify for new_mpw, and reports the number of updated passwords in service definitions.