Digital Event Services 10.7 | Administering Digital Event Services | Configuring Services | Configuring Universal Messaging Services | Using Universal Messaging Services with SSL | Defining a DES Truststore
Defining a DES Truststore
To use Digital Event Services (DES) with an SSL-enabled Universal Messaging server, you must specify the DES truststore that contains the trusted Universal Messaging certificates for establishing an SSL connection.
*To define truststores for DES
1. In Command Central, navigate to Environments > Instances > All > instance_name > Digital Event Services > Configuration.
2. Select Truststores from the drop-down menu, and then click Plus icon.
3. Specify values for each Field in the table as outlined in the Description column:
Truststore Name
Required. A unique name for the truststore. The truststore name is not case-sensitive and must start with a character. You can use the following characters as separators: . (dot) and - (dash).
Optional. A description for the truststore.
Required. The absolute file path to the location of the truststore.
Optional. The password for the truststore.
4. Optionally, click Test to verify that your configuration is valid.
When performing validation, Command Central checks whether the specified configuration information complies with the field requirements. Command Central does not check whether the information you provide is accurate.
5. Save your changes.
6. Restart the runtime in which DES is embedded.