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Using Universal Messaging Services with SSL
Defining a DES Keystore
Defining a DES Truststore
Digital Event Services (DES) supports the Universal Messaging NSPS protocol for secure communication over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
To enable DES to communicate with an SSL-enabled Universal Messaging server over NSPS, you must first define a keystore and a truststore file for DES. The keystore and truststore function as repositories for the storage of keys and certificates necessary for SSL authentication, encryption/decryption, and digital signing/verification services.
You must define at least one keystore and one truststore for DES. If you cannot create new keystore and truststore files, you can refer to existing keystore and truststore files that are used for Universal Messaging communication and contain the appropriate private keys and certificates.
For more information about configuring Universal Messaging for SSL communication, see the Universal Messaging documentation. For more information about operations with keystore and truststore files, see the documentation for your certificate management tool.