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Reporting Permissions
To generate a report, the appropriate user, object, and column-level permissions must be defined by the administrator. The following table summarizes the report specific permissions in OneData.
For more information about any of these privileges, see Administering webMethods OneData.
Definition Setting
User-level permissions
Create Personal Reports
Defined at the user-level, indicates whether the user can create personal reports.
Administer > Security > Roles > Functions > Reports
Published Reports
Defined at the user-level, indicates whether the user can create published reports or view them.
Run System Reports
Defined at the user-level, indicates whether the user can run a system report.
Object-Level Permissions
Export Privileges
Defined at the object level, indicates whether a user has permissions to export data and generate reports for the selected object. If the user does not have this permission on an object, export menu options are hidden.
Note: Reporting is governed by the security export privilege. When using the reporting wizard, if you do not have export privilege for the selected object, that object will not be visible in the list of available objects.
In the object definition.
Column-Level Permissions
Show in Report?
Defined at the column-level, configures how to display column in reports:
*Hide—Hides the column from all reports.
*Show In Summary—Displays the column only in Summary reports.
*Show In Detail— Displays the column in only in the detail section of a summary report.
*Show in Both—Displays the column in Summary and Detail reports.
*Required in Report—The column must always be selected in a report.
In the column structure definition.
File-Level Permissions
onedata.job. attachment maxrecord count
Defines the maximum number of records a generated report can contain when sent as a file attachment. The default limit is 1000. Any reports exceeding the value defined in this property cannot be sent as an attachment. file
For more information on setting this attribute, see Implementing webMethods OneData.

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