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Reporting Permissions
Using OneData’s reporting features, you can create, generate, and schedule automatic periodic reports on object data and system metadata. OneData provides the following types of stored reports:
*Published. Public reports, available to all users with reporting privileges, can be run ad hoc or on a schedule. These reports are usually created by your system administrator. You can organize saved reports in nested folders.
*Personal. Reports visible only to the user who created them. Personal reports can be run ad hoc or on a schedule. You can organize personal reports in individual folders, but cannot use a nested folder structure.
*System. Pre-configured reports that generate reports on metadata, such as objects, users, roles, workflow rules, and the subscribing systems associated with deployment jobs.
Reports pull data from the schema in which you run the report. For example, if you run the report in the work area, the report will consist of the data from the work area. If you want to run a report, the role that is assigned to you must have privileges to manage or execute reports. This option is configurable by the administrator in Administer > Security > Roles in both work area and release area.
For more information about setting privileges to roles, see Administering webMethods OneData.

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