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Deleting Record Hierarchies
You can delete the entire object hierarchy for relational objects using the conceptual object. The conceptual object provides a shortcut to delete an entire tier of records, instead of manually deleting records through each individual data object. To permanently delete (purge) the record hierarchy, you must use the purge procedure for each record. For more information about purging records, see Purging (Permanently) Deleting a Record.
You can restore a deleted record hierarchy in one step for all relational objects except conceptual data objects. For information about restoring record hierarchies, see Restoring a Logically Deleted Record.
The process for deleting a hierarchy varies according to the conceptual object type and its configured display view. Use the option that applies to the type of object you are editing.
* To logically delete a hierarchy
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to delete and select it.
3. Click the Values tab to display the records associated with the object.
4. Select the hierarchy level to delete and click Delete > Delete Hierarchy or click the Delete Hierarchy icon corresponding to the hierarchy you are deleting.
5. Confirm the delete and click OK.

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