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Restoring Logically Deleted Records
You can restore records that have been logically deleted to make them visible again within OneData. The procedure to restore records varies according to the type of object. To restore a record or record hierarchy for:
*A conceptual data object: Select the highest level parent record first, and restore the individual records in the hierarchy in order of their structure, proceeding through the child levels until the records in the lowest child level are restored.
*All other relational objects, such as self recursive objects: Select the highest level conceptual object.
* To restore a logically deleted record
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data.
2. Navigate to the object that you want to edit and select it.
3. Click the Values tab to display the records associated with the object.
4. Click Delete > Restore.
OneData displays all of the logically deleted records for the selected object.
5. Select the check boxes corresponding to the records that you want to restore and click Restore Records to unhide them in the interface.
Note: OneData updates the Creation Date to match the value of the Last Updated Date in the associated Audit table in the work area.

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