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Configuring Metadata System Properties
You can configure OneData to use the physical name (instead of the object name) when searching for data objects, remote objects, and remote snapshots in the destination repository by setting the objectidentifier.enabled property.
You can configure the property Enable Direct Transfer Metadata to transfer old metadata code. The default setting is disabled.
* To configure metadata system properties
1. Open the file.
2. Set the object identifier property, onedata.transfermetadata.objectidentifer.enabled, to use either the object name or the physical name when searching for a matching object in the metadata repository:
*To use the object name, set the object identifier to true: onedata.transfermetadata.objectidentifer.enabled=true
*To use the physical table name, set the object identifier to false:onedata.transfermetadata.objectidentifer.enabled=false
3. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Job Center. If there are any existing Transfer Metadata jobs scheduled, set Enable Direct Transfer Metadata to enabled.

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