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Working with Metadata
Configuring Metadata System Properties
The Metadata menu facilitates moving configurations from one metadata repository to another. You can transfer metadata directly to the destination repository or create a metadata file in the source repository and import it into the destination repository.
OneData's metadata features include tools to create and import metadata files, use project organizers, and compare the metadata between two repositories or projects. Metadata comparison features eliminate duplicate metadata configurations and verify that the metadata between repositories or projects is similar. For more information about setting this property, see Configuring Metadata System Properties.
OneData’s comparison and transfer tools are metadata actions that do not change the actual data in the database. When you transfer metadata from one repository to another, OneData performs a case-sensitive search on the object names to determine if an object exists in the destination repository. If OneData determines that the object already exists in the destination repository, it updates the metadata in the existing object; otherwise, OneData creates the object and metadata.
You can configure OneData to use the physical name (instead of the object name) when searching for data objects, remote objects, and remote snapshots in the destination repository. For more information, see Configuring Metadata System Properties.

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