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Running a Workflow Escalation Job
The system generates a job Workflow Escalation Job (75) which checks all the workflow escalation events. The job checks the specified duration in the event with the event created date. It triggers the event if it has exceeded the duration and performs the associated action on the related pending workflow transactions.
Note: The number 75 is the object ID for a workflow escalation job. Prerequisite: A workflow escalation event is created.
* To schedule a workflow escalation job
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Job Center.
2. In the filter screen, select Job Type as Workflow Escalation.
3. Click Next to view the jobs created. You will see the details of the job Workflow Escalation Job (75).
4. In the schedule screen, select the option Run now to run the job immediately or select the appropriate options to schedule as required.
5. Click Save to run or schedule the job.
6. To schedule the job to run after 2 days, click Add Schedule and enter the scheduling options.
OneData displays the Jobs Details screen where you can click the Terminate icon to stop the job execution.

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