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Defining Default Survivorship Rules
Use the following procedure to define a Survivorship Rule SR_SysBased on the Gold object, CDI_GoldObject, for the attributes BUSINESSNAME, STREETADDRESS, and POSTALCODE.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Data Interchange > Configuration > Data Acquisition Rules > Survivorship Mapping.
2. In the Object - Attribute Group Mapping pane, in Object, select the gold object, CDI Gold object.
3. To create an Attribute Group, click Add.
a. Complete the attribute properties:
*In Name, specify SR_SysBased.
*In Description, specify a description for the attribute.
*In Survivorship Type, select System based Survivorship.
b. Click Save.
4. In the Attribute Group Attribute Mapping pane, click Save.
5. In the Attribute Group - System Mapping pane, click Add.
a. Select the and its from the drop down, 1 being the highest priority.
*In System, select the system.
*In Priority, select the appropriate priority (1 is the highest priority).
Note: If the Subscribing Attribute column is not populated for system based survivorship, the source system value is identified from “Custodian System” defined in the object definition of the consolidation object.
b. Click Save.

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