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Default Survivorship Rules
Defining Default Survivorship Rules
Set default survivorship rules on the Menu toolbar in Data Interchange > Configuration > Data Acquisition Rules > Survivorship Mapping.
There are two types of default survivorships:
*System-Based. Updates Gold attributes based on the system priority configured for the attribute groups
*Historical. Inserts Gold attributes only when the existing value is null.
When the Survivorship Type is defined as Default in the Matching Configuration screen of a data quality matching project, survivorship rules do not apply to all the Gold attributes that are not configured either as part of system-based or historical survivorship. And, data is immediately updated for such columns in the gold record from the corresponding columns of the Consolidation record.
Subscribing System Indicator in Consolidation (Staging) Object
If defining a survivorship rule, the Consolidation (Staging) object must contain an attribute with the Column Qualifier as Subscribing System. This attribute identifies the source system used in the Survivorship rules.
To use the Survivorship feature, data with the Column Qualifier, Subscribing System Indicator, should be loaded or at least defaulted in the Interchange Mapping.
Survivorship Detail in Consolidation Gold object
The Gold object should have one column with the Column Qualifier, Survivorship Detail to use the survivorship rule. It is used to determine the current status of the Gold record for application of Survivorship Rules.

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