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Viewing a Job in the Job Center
The Job Center has at least one entry for each job created in OneData.
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Job Center.
2. Enter the filter criteria to narrow down the jobs returned. For more information about specifying the filter criteria, see Jobs Filter Options.
Note: If you do not provide any filter criteria, the Job Center applies default values to filter.
3. Click Next to apply the filter. The Job Center displays the following properties about jobs:
Icon to schedule a job to run immediately, or on a recurring basis. For more information about scheduling a job, see Scheduling a Job Through Job Center.
Icon to stop the job.
View Log
Link to view the job logs.
Job Name
Name of the job.
Job Type
Type of the job.
Defined By
User who defined the job.
Run By
User who executed the job.
Status of the job. See Jobs Filter Options for more information about different job statuses.
Start Date/Time
Date and time of job execution.
Duration taken for job execution.
Execution Parameters
Configuration parameters like mode, execution type, and execution options that were used for executing the job.
Note: Execution Parameters only display if the property, onedata.logjobexecutionparameters.enabled is set to true in the file. The Job Center displays an empty tag <JOB_EXECUTION_INFO> if this property is not enabled.
4. The Command toolbar displays the following options:
*Change Filter. Displays the Jobs Filter to change the filter criteria applied.
*Refresh. Refreshes the Job Center screen to apply the latest updates.
*Export to Excel. Exports the job details into Excel.

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