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Jobs Filter Options
You can search for a particular job by providing a filter criteria in the Jobs Filter. The following table lists the filter options.
In the field...
Job Type
Type of the job.
By default, the job type selected is Deployment.
Job Name
Name of the job.
Job Log Id
Log ID of the job.
Defined By
User who created the job. Click the Select Values icon to specify the user. This returns the list of all users in the current project. Choose the user or users as follows:
*To select a single user, click the User Name.
*To select multiple users, select the corresponding check boxes and click Set Values.
*To select all users, click Set All Values.
Run By
User who executed the job.
Job Status
Current status of the job:
*DEFINED (Defined but not scheduled)
*PENDING ACTIVE (Pending status)
*ACTIVE (Running status)
*PENDING TERMINATION (To be terminated)
Objects in the project that are linked to the job.
Note: You can select multiple objects by pressing the CTRL key and clicking the object names. Click Show all entities to view the jobs related to all objects in the current project.
Start Time (From/ To)
Day on which the job is executed.

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