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Viewing Job Execution Logs
In Job Center, you can view the detailed information about an executed job.
* To view job execution logs
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Administer > Job Center.
2. Enter the filter criteria to search for specific jobs. For more information about specifying the filter criteria, see Jobs Filter Options.
Note: If you do not provide filter criteria, the Job Center applies default values to the filter.
3. Click Next to apply the filter.
4. Click View Log link to view the following information:
Job Log Detail
Job Status
Detailed information on the job status.
Job Step
Job step names within the job.
Detailed message indicating job step status.
Successful Statements
Number of successful statements executed. For file generation, the number of rows that were transferred to the file. Click the number of statements to view log and paginate through values.
Failed/Dummy Statements
Applicable only for database updates.
Number of failed statements. Click the number of statements to view log and paginate through values.
Download File
Applicable only for file job types.
Name of file created and sent through email or FTP.
Applicable only for import jobs that are created through Interchange Mapping.
Enables viewing the current status of an Import Job in progress. Clicking refresh displays the updated status in Message field, indicating current status. Depending on the status, user can thereby decide if the job needs to be terminated or continued.

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