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Oracle Data Types Supported in OneData
OneData supports the following native data types that are commonly used in Oracle.
Note: OneData uses the same naming convention for the data types as are used in Oracle. For example, Numeric type in Oracle is supported by numeric data type in OneData.
Data Type
Same as number. Length and precision determine the specific details.
Variable character string
Fixed character string
Date/time on most RDBMS
Date/Time on most RDBMS
Character Large Object.
*Configurable display length
*The entire text is clickable from grid and it opens the Rich Text Editor (RTE) in view-only mode. A link within the text is also clickable. This link is not formatted in order to keep in sync with existing OneData formatting.
*The data can be edited from the Edit screen by selecting the CLOB Add/Edit icon. In this case, the links within the text do not work inside the Rich Text Editor as it's a limitation of the RTE library.
Note: Most of the formatting of the data is retained (bullets, bold) while some of it is lost (different font, underline etc).
Binary Large Object. If you are creating a BLOB, there are additional settings. For more information, see Configuring BLOB Columns.

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