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Configuring BLOB Columns
Binary Large Object (BLOB) columns are used to store unstructured data such as documents and other files. Large Object (LOB) fields are optimized for storing large amounts of data. To create a BLOB field, there must be an existing column that stores the BLOB filename. When the user selects a file to load into the object, OneData stores the name of the file in the associated file name column.
* To configure a BLOB column
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Define > Objects and select the object in which you want to configure the BLOB column.
2. Select the Structure tab.
3. Click Manage BLOB Mappings.
4. Click Add new BLOB Mapping.
5. Select the Blob Column Name and the File Name Column (if already created).
Note: If the file name column is not added yet, you can create it from this screen by entering the name of the column in New File Name Column. This will be mapped to the selected BLOB column.
6. Click Save.

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