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Matching Hint Mapping
Defining a Pattern
You can create pattern maps for the data and assign a score to the mapping for the results returned from a data quality server. This can be used for the Multiple Table Gold model, where the type of match type can be, MASTER Gold, DETAIL Gold, or BOTH. It is also useful to provide a description of how the rule matches the record as the hint for each pattern map.
For more information on multiple table gold model, see The Customer MDM Multiple Gold Model (One-to-Many Mapping).
This option is applicable to data quality servers that return only a score, without any hint or pattern, like Trillium. webMethods Integration Server and OneData Matching do not require this configuration as they return the pattern and hint mapping information as explained in The Matcher Service in Integration Server .
For a Multiple Table MASTER DETAIL Gold configuration, if the pattern and hint information are not provided from either the data quality server (for example, Trillium) or the Matching Hint Mapping screen, the following rules apply:
*For all consolidation processes, except Manual Matching, the records remain in Unassigned or Cleansed state.
*If Manual Match is executed, the process fails with a validation exception that indicates the score.

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