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The Matcher Service in Integration Server
You can create a matcher service to meet your requirements. Ensure that the attributes are mapped as required in OneData. Each element of matchresults must contain the key and row from the corresponding element in matchcandidates.
The input structure of the matcher service should include match candidates with the elements key and row.
The output structure of the matcher service should include the elements, score, pattern, hint, key, and row. The structure of row in the elements of matchcandidates must match that of incoming in the input attributes.
matchcandidates Input Elements
The score that the matcher service returns to OneData. This is used with the matching thresholds defined in matching configuration to determine if the record is good a match, suspect one, or not a match.
A pattern can be BOTH, MASTER, or DETAIL. In a multiple consolidation model, when the same staging row has multiple matches in different pattern levels (BOTH, MASTER or DETAIL), if the user selects Process best match, the match results are sorted on pattern first, and then score.
Determines how the matching score was calculated, for example, if the matching service is called from manual matching functionality in OneData, such as a command hook. This description is provided by the author (developer) of the matching service. For example, a match with a score of 75 might have a hint that indicates that the name was a perfect match, but the address was only an average match.
Rows having the same pattern are sorted based on the score.
The priority of the pattern from highest to lowest is in order of: BOTH, MASTER, DETAIL, and EMPTY (no pattern). For example, a result with score 100 (pattern MASTER) and score 82 (pattern BOTH), would link the staging row with the record matching pattern BOTH.
The matcher specification is located in the pub.onedata.dataquality:matcherSpec in the wmOneData package.

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