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Process Flow Hooks
OneData's graphical process flow designer allows you to quickly build business processes and custom wizards using a drag-and-drop graphical interface. This provides faster process prototyping and easier plug-in change management and development.
Process flow hooks can only be executed in command hook mode. They have their own graphical builder and do not required coding.
To create a process flow hook, set the hook type as Process Flow. The following properties are specific to process flow hooks.
Hook Execution Mode
The OneData mode in which the hook should be executed:
Process Flow Name
Select an existing process flow or click the Add New Process Flow icon to create a new process flow.
Default Parameters
Parameters used for invoking the stored procedure.
Is Interactive Hook?
Indicates if the hook is an iHook. This property is selected by default and cannot be changed.
Hook Cardinality
Execution parameter that determines when to execute the external program. The hook executes the program based on the number of rows changed:
*0. Hook executes when no rows are changed.
*1. Hook executes when one row is changed.
*n. Hook executes when more than one row is changed.
For details on building a process flow hook, see Process Flow Designer and Building a Process Flow.

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