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Process Flow Designer is a graphical user interface for designing process flows. The process flow defines the sequence of actions OneData performs on objects and records. Once you have created a process flow, you can add it to a process flow hook. With Process Flow Designer, you can create a hook without writing code.
Access Process Flow Designer from within the OneData Add a Hook screen. While you are defining the hook, you can create the process flow and link it directly within the hook. Process flows within hooks provide interactive triggering of process flow actions from the user interface.
A process flow diagram links components and processes together with a starting point and one or several end points. When the process flow diagram is associated with a OneData hook, interaction from the user interface can trigger the process flow actions.
A process flow diagram contains model components and process items. A model component has the pieces of the process flow diagram, including the start point, end point, and the process containers that contain individual process items. A process item is the action that is executed. For more information about model components, see Model Components. For more information about process items, see Process Items.
The following is an example of a process flow diagram.

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