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Filter Operators in Data Objects
In the deep link filter you can use the operators and/ or/ null (similar to request URL in REST web services). The filter can include logical operators to return the records that match the values of more than one column. You cannot combine an and and or operator in the same deep link URL filter.
The following table describes the filter operators and how to use them:
Returns records that contain all the conditions specified, for example:
http://localhost:8080/onedata/dmdirect/QA/Standard%20Project/DO/Employee?filter=COL1=3 and COL2=2
Returns records that match any condition specified, for example:
http://localhost:8080/onedata/dmdirect/QA/Standard%20Project/DO/Employee?filter= COL1=3 or COL1=2
Filters records by whether the specified column contains a null value. Null operator searches (for null values and non-null values) are mutually exclusive.
*&nullOperator=IS_NULL: Returns records with null values. You cannot specify any other criteria in this operator. for example:
http://localhost:8080/onedata/dmdirect/QA/Standard%20Project/DO/Employee?filter= COL1 or COL1&nullOperator=IS_NULL
*&nullOperator=IS_NOT_NULL: Excludes records with null values. The search operators and or or are valid, for example:
http://localhost:8080/onedata/dmdirect/QA/Standard%20Project/DO/Employee?filter= COL1 and COL2&nullOperator=IS_NOT_ NULL
If the column is a reference column, use the constraint name instead of the physical name. Only the and operator is valid in reference column searches.
For more information on the filter options, see Developing for webMethods OneData.

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