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Linking Data to a Website
You can create a link in a record to a website or another OneData object by using the object’s clickable link. However, the object’s link URL must not exceed the column’s maximum character length. OneData uses the following hyperlink syntax:
*For standard http protocol: HTTP://URL\Description
*For encrypted https protocol: HTTPS://URL\Description
The description field is required and contains the text describing the link.
* To create a link to a website
1. Optionally, verify that the column in which you want to add a link is defined with the correct attributes. See Verifying the Column Definition.
2. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data or View > Browse.
3. Navigate to the object in which you want to add a link and select it.
4. Use the option that corresponds to the object’s display mode:
*In Default mode: click the Values tab.
*In Nova mode: click Apply Filter.
5. Click Insert > Insert or Insert > Insert Multiple.
6. In the relevant column, use the link that corresponds to whether the site uses secure http or not. Separate multiple links with a space.
*To link to a secure website: use the syntax, HTTPS://URL\Description
*To link to a standard http website: use the syntax, HTTP://URL\Description
is case-sensitive.
is the destination URL.
is a suitable description of the website. OneData displays this text in the data grid.
Example: HTTPS://\google
Note: The description is required for OneData to recognize the hyperlink in the data column.
OneData opens the clicked hyperlink in a new window.

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