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Linking Data to a Record in Another Object
You can create a link in one record to another record using the OD_LINK# tag. This tag dynamically links to the record or records that match the specified value. Use the following syntax to create a link to the record or records:
*To link to a unique record matching only one value, use the syntax: OD_LINK#\<ObjectName>\<ColumnName>=value\link description
*To link to a record where a column is not unique and matches more than one value, use the syntax: OD_LINK#\<ObjectName>\<ColumnName>=valueOD#PK#DELIMITER#OD<ColumnName>=value\link description
The following table describes the syntax of the OD_LINK# hyperlink.
Case Sensitive
Specifies a hyperlink to a record or records.
Logical, physical or display name of the object. Replace spaces in the object name with a $ symbol.
Physical column name. Replace spaces in the column name with a $ symbol.
Returns the records that contain the value or values indicated.
OD#PK#DELIMITER#OD <Column$Name>=value
Delimiter for each column name when filtering on more than value, for example, when the values in a column are not unique. This syntax creates an and condition search.
Link Description
The hyperlink text. Replace spaces in the description with &nbsp;.
For example, to create a link to John Doe’s record in the Customer Account object, you would use the following command:
OneData tags are case sensitive, but the object name, column names, and values are not. Replace spaces in an object name with the $ symbol and spaces in the description with &nbsp;.
* To create a link to records
1. Optionally, verify that the column in which you want to add a link is defined with the correct attributes. See Verifying the Column Definition.
2. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data or View > Browse.
3. Navigate to the object in which you want to add a link and select it.
4. Use the option that corresponds to the object’s display mode:
*In Default mode: click the Values tab.
*In Nova mode: click Apply Filter.
5. Click Insert > Insert or Insert > Insert Multiple.
6. In the relevant column, link to a record using the command that corresponds to whether you are filtering on one or more than one column:
*To filter on one column, where the column value is unique: OD_LINK#\<ObjectName>\<ColumnName>=value\link&nbsp;description
*To filter on more than one column where column values are not unique: OD_LINK#\<ObjectName>\<ColumnName>=valueOD#PK#DELIMITER#OD<ColumnName>=value\link&nbsp;description

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