Connection Information Sets

Table Area

There are two initial columns and one row in the table. The ID column indicates <default> for the initial row (cannot be deleted). Other rows are automatically assigned a numeric Id. The Repeat column can be edited (but cannot be deleted), and states the maximum number of host connections that can use the information row simultaneously. More columns and rows can be added to the table.

Add Record

Adds a new row to the table. Row ID is set automatically.

Delete Record

Deletes selected row or rows. The default row cannot be removed.

Define Columns

Enables defining a column in the table. The Column Selection dialog will open to allow you to select or remove columns.

In the column selection dialog box, entities can be added as table columns: connection parameters, application fields and variables. Connection parameters are parameters that are required for initializing a session with the host such as the device name or host name. The parameters defined here override the general parameters defined in the application configuration. Application fields and variables provide the data required by the initialization path that is used in connection pools. Use application fields or variables in accordance with the requirements and definitions of the relevant path. Many times one of the columns contains password information. It is recommended to protect such the values entered in this column by applying the Password column feature.

Set Password

Sets the column as a password column, making it protected.

Set Default Values

It is possible to set default values for the parameters/variables in the Connection Information Set. When clicking this link, a dialog box is displayed enabling you to enter default values for each of the columns.