Web Services

External Web Services

This feature is only available when working with a SOA license.

Service Name

The name of the External Web Service.

Port Name

The name of the selected port.


The target namespace of the Web service.

Endpoint URL

The URL to which the SOAP client sends requests to activate the service.


The URL of the WSDL which describes the Web service.

Change Target Server

Changing the target server enables replacing the server address and port. This can typically be used when changing the environment, such as from developing and testing environment to the production environment (which may be on a different server than the developing and testing server), as when changing the environment, the URL will be broken, causing the External Web Services not to work.

Once this button is clicked, the Changing the Target Server dialog box is displayed:


The new address (IPv4 and IPv6 address formats are supported).


The new port number.


When relevant, you can select this check box and update the WSDL URL.

Apply to other External Web Services that use the same target server

You can select to apply these changes to all External Web Services that use the same target server (the list of updated services appears in the server log). When this option is not selected, only the current External Web Service will be changed.

See also: Using External Web Services