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Real-Time FileAct
Real-time FileAct services offer a secure transfer of financial files between organizations on SWIFTNet. XML-based FileAct primitives are used to transfer the files and maintain the status of the file transfers. FileAct services provide the following functionality:
*Put File. Sends a file to another SWIFTNet user.
*Get File. Receives a file from another SWIFTNet user.
*Subscribe to Transfer Events. Receives progressive transfer status on an event-by-event basis.
*Receive Transfer Events. Responds to the terms of a subscription that is set up by the Subscribe Event primitive at the sending or receiving side of a transfer.
The following diagram illustrates the real-time InterAct/FileAct service. See the table below the diagram for additional information.
The requester’s client sends the Sw:InitRequest primitive to initialize the SNL client process.
The requester’s client makes a SwCall() with SwSec:CreateContextRequest as primitive to initialize the security context.
The client makes a request using the appropriate primitive for the service type:
*For an InterAct service, the client uses SwInt:ExchangeRequest.
*For a FileAct service, the client uses Sw:ExchangeFileRequest.
The requester’s client side SNL passes the InterAct or FileAct request to the responder's server side SNL via SWIFTNet.
The responder's server side SNL extracts the request from SWIFTNet and invokes the server through SwCallback()SwInt:HandleRequest/ Sw:HandleFileRequest. The responder's server returns a response to the client.
The client destroys the created security context.
The client triggers the termination with the SNL.