SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Importing Bank Directory Plus and SEPA Plus | Overview | Using the Search BIC Information Tool
Using the Search BIC Information Tool
SWIFT Module enables you to import and search financial institution data in the BIC Directory, Bank Directory Plus, and SEPA Plus. The Search BIC Information or Search Bank Directory Plus Information tool is useful when you are preparing an instruction and need to verify BIC information. For more information, see Searching BIC Information.
*To use the search BIC Information tool and Bank Directory Plus and/or SEPA Plus
1. Use Integration Server Administrator to import the following data lists:
*BIC—Contains institution identifiers, such as BIC-related data of financial institutions.
*Bank Directory Plus—Contains institution identifiers, such as BICs and IBAN-related data of financial institutions.
*IBAN Plus — Contains IBAN-related data for financial institutions in SEPA countries and non-SEPA countries that have adopted IBAN.
*IBAN Structure —Contains records with the country codes and national ID codes, as well as the position of those codes in the IBAN structure. You must use Bank Directory Plus together with the IBAN Structure list to derive a BIC from an IBAN, or to validate a BIC, a Bank ID, or an IBAN/BIC combination.
*SEPA Plus—Contains SEPA identifiers. Use this list to validate the BICs and IBANs in SEPA payments against the Bank Directory Plus.
For information about importing lists, see Importing Lists.
2. In Designer, use one of the Bank Directory Plus or SEPA built-in services supported by SWIFT Module.
For examples of business scenarios in which you would use SWIFT Module to derive or validate data against Bank Directory Plus or SEPA Plus, see Business Examples Using BankDirectoryPlus and IBANPlus and Business Examples Using SEPA Plus.
For information about built-in services related to Bank Directory Plus and SEPA, see WmFIN Package Services.