SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Importing Bank Directory Plus and SEPA Plus | Searching BIC Information
Searching BIC Information
Using the Search BIC Information tool on the SWIFT Module home page in Integration Server Administrator, you can search the most recent BIC and Bank Directory Plus lists imported in SWIFT Module.
To search the most recent BIC and Bank Directory Plus lists published by SWIFT, make sure you have downloaded the latest flat files from the SWIFT website and that you have imported them in SWIFT Module. For more information about importing lists, see Importing Lists.
*To search BIC information from the BIC Directory or Bank Directory Plus
1. In Integration Server Administrator, on the SWIFT Module home page, click either Search BIC Information or Search BankDirectoryPlus Information.
2. On the BIC Search Criteria screen, provide your search criteria. You must enter information in at least one field, but you can narrow search results by entering information in as many fields as necessary.
All fields on this screen are case-sensitive. If you want to do a partial search, enter '%partial search string%'.
Field Name
The institution's BIC code, for example, ABCDEFGHIJK.
The institution's name, for example, Citibank.
The institution's branch name, for example, Main.
The institution's city, for example, Miami.
Modified Flag
The modification flag for which you want to search. From the drop-down list, select:
*New. Search for a new BIC entry.
*Update. Search for a BIC entry currently being updated.
*Modified. Search for a modified BIC entry.
*Deleted. Search for a deleted BIC entry.
The institution's location, for example, Mall.
Country Name
The institution's country, for example, USA.
3. Click Search. The Search Results screen displays up to the first 50 matching BICs.