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Viewing Connections Using the IS Administrator
*To view the parameters for an AS/400 Adapter connection using the IS Administrator
1. Start the Integration Server Administrator if it is not already running.
2. Make sure the WmAS400 package is enabled.
3. In the Adapters menu in the navigation area of the Integration Server Administrator, click AS/400 Adapter.
When using the adapter with Integration Server 8.0 and later, you can sort and filter the list of connections that appears on the Connections screen.
*To sort information on the Connections screen, click the Up and Down arrows at the top of the column you want to sort.
*To filter the list of connections:
1. On the Connections screen, click Filter Connections.
2. Type the criterion by which you want to filter into the Filter criteria box. Filtering is based on the node name, not the connection alias. To locate all connections containing specific alphanumeric characters, use asterisks (*) as wildcards. For example, if you want to display all connections containing the string "abc", type *abc* in the Filter criteria box.
3. Click Submit. The Connections screen displays the connections that match the filter criteria.
4. To re-display all connections, click Show All Connections.
The Connections screen appears, listing all the current connections. You can control the number of connections that are displayed on this screen. For more information, see Controlling Pagination.
4. On the Connections screen, click the icon for the connection you want to view.
The View Connection screen displays the parameters for the connection. For descriptions of the connection parameters, see the table of parameters in Configuring Adapter Connections.
5. Click Return to AS/400 Adapter Connections to return to the Connections screen.